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Home Tour America Services

Home Tour America offers Professional Photography, Videography, Drone photo and video along with these additional Services.


Advanced Editing

Home Tour America offers Advanced Editing as an add on to any photography package. The benefits of advanced editing are:

• Greater overall room color and exposure accuracy resulting in a more consistent final product
• Perfect window pull so everything outside the window is crystal clear when it needs to be
• Accurate lamp and light bulb exposure
• Blue skies in every shot
• Enhanced lighting for exteriors with heavy shadows
• Next day service

Sample 1 - Before
Sample 1 - After

Sample 2 - Before
Sample 2 - After

Sample 3 - Before
Sample 3 - After

Sample 4 - Before
Sample 4 - After

Sample 5 - Before
Sample 5 - After

Day to Dusk Photo Conversion

Convert most any daytime shot to a dusk shot. 24-48hr turnaround time. $25 for first shot, $15 for each additional.

Sample 1 - Before
Sample 1 - After

Sample 2 - Before
Sample 2 - After

Two Sided Flyer

Two sided color flyer sent to you in a printable pdf format. Flyers consist of our high resolution images and the content based on agent and FMLS information. Delivered as a PDF file - ready for you to print!

Click here for an example of a flyer.

Drone Photos & Videos

As a Realtor, you might be asking yourself if using aerial photography and videography in your Real Estate listings is necessary to stay competitive or even legal. Whatever you decide, aerial photography and videography are quickly becoming the next evolution of cutting edge Real Estate marketing tools that are surprisingly affordable. Fortunately, we are both FAA licensed drone pilots flying the latest drones from DJI and are still affordable!

Imagine the potential a drone has to capture footage of ideally suited properties, such as properties with vast amounts of land and properties with incredible views. Even just to capture elevated shots previously un-reachable or images from above to examine the property layout and property line. Aerial photography stands to elevate your ability to highlight the unique aspects of a property and it’s surroundings while giving you an edge over the competition.

Floor Plans

Black and White Sample
Color Sample

Pricing for Floor Plans

Square Feet Black & White Color
0-750 sq ft $95 $110
750-1250 sq ft $115 $130
1250-2000 sq ft $145 $155
2000-3000 sq ft $180 $200
3000-4000 sq ft $245 $275
4000-5500 sq ft $290 $320
5500 sq ft and up $125/hr Add $30
* 4 stories or more is an additional $15